"We Treat Patients, Not Just Pain"

Springfield Medical Center is located in Glen Allen, Virginia. Dr. Valente specializes in medical and non surgical treatments for back and neck pain. In addition to our integrative approach to back and neck pain, we also offer primary care and a medically based fitness and nutrition program. 

When you're  in pain you need a physician to take the time to listen to you, who understands the various sources of pain and how your pain has affected your life. Dr. Albert L. Valente with a degree in medicine, osteopathy and chiropractic, has developed an integrated approach to medical practice and pain treatment. State of the art technologies and concepts are incorporated not only to alleviate your pain but to also help restore your function.

A blend of specialized injections, manual therapy & manipulation and medical management are tailored to create individualized treatment plans. This integrated approach has eased the pain of many patients with acute or chronic back and neck pain, and allowed many to regain their lives back. As one patient stated, "I felt I got better with Dr. Valente as he treated me, not just my pain."

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(804) 747 - 8400
Albert L. Valente, D.O.
Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Suzanne Lagosky, D.O.
Board Certified in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

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