...we perform simple, precise and highly effective injections to the back and neck.
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Injections are integrated into an individualized treatment plan which may include conservative care and medical management. 

The injection procedure only takes a few minutes and is performed under a special x-ray called fluoroscopy. There is minimal discomfort as specially designed small needles are used. The patient can then drive home. These are not epidural injections and no narcotics are used. The injections often provide relief when other treatments, i. e. manual therapy, epidurals and back surgery have failed. For acute pain, steroids are often used to decrease inflammation and relieve pain quickly, but other medications can be used to ease chronic pain and stimulate healing. 

Your Back: The spine is made up of vertebra separated by discs and connected by joints called facet joints. These joints guide movement and give us flexibility. As much as 75-90% of back and neck pain originates from the spinal facet joints. Injury, inflammation or degeneration of these joints can produce back, neck, arm or leg pain and headaches. 

Often, multiple factors cause pain and successful treatment depends on treating the multiple causes. Although we focus on pain from the spinal facet joints, we search for other causes; i.e. medical conditions like RA or gout; or musculoskeletal disorders like herniated discs, pinched nerves, trigger points and myofacial pain.