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Testimonials & Thanks 

"Its nice to finally find a doctor and a staff that still care in this changing health care environment. Not to mention that they finally got me out of pain."

"For 2 years I ended up seeing 9 different specialist none of who found a cause of my pain. Most tried to tell me that it was all in my head. My first appoint with Dr. Valente was a big eye opener compared to treatment I had received so far. I was expecting a meet and greet to see what I expected him to do for me, what I received was extremely unexpected. I was taken back and got the usual vitals signs taken and Dr. Valente came in introduced himself and he did not let me leave his office in pain that first day he made sure I (the patient) was taken care of, Even if he has to stay open late so you can get there he will, he has. Dr. Valente is dedicated to the care of his patient. Let me repeat that. Dr. Valente is dedicated to the care of his patients!!!! I know I would not even be standing (literally) if not for Dr. Valente and his staff. All I did before seeing him was go to work and go home day in and day out, I now have some resemblance of a life again. I can walk, I can dance, I can breathe in without pain, I can ride my motorcycle again. I don't know all of the right words to be able to express my gratitude for him giving me back to me and my family and for not having living the shell of life, for being able to wake up in the morning without pain, The best part of all of this beside previously stated is no debilitating drugs to cloud the mind. What I have learned through all of this is that there is someone out there that can help you and his name is Dr. Valente and his wonderful staff. Thank you all so much for giving me my life again." B.T.

"I was in extreme pain for many years and went to many doctors to relieve or just minimize my pain. Dr. Valente's treatment was the answer when everyone else had given up. After several series of shots, I was essentially pain free and able to do things I wouldn't have dreamed of last year. Life is good again." Y. R. 

"After years of trying different types of pain treatments and hearing varying diagnoses, Dr. Valente was the only doctor to provide long term relief of my chronic back pain. The procedure was all too easy and painless. Brilliant really." - E. S. 

"Thank you again for the great care you are giving my dad. I feel so much better when he is seeing you instead of his other doctors.  His neck is doing better, I wish there was some way I could  repay you." 

"Just a short note of thanks to express my sincere appreciation for the very fine care you treated me with which finds my neck doing quite well and the extremely generous professional courtesy you extended to me regarding your fees for your super services." 

"Thank you and your team for helping me through my pregnancy. You do a terrific job and show compassion everytime I visit!" 

"I can't wait to come in for some more miracle treatment, but more than that I can't wait to see you and Brooke again so that I can tell you in person all that you mean to me." 

" I thought if I ever got up to that part of Richmond again I would stop in your office and make a quick visit to let you know what a profound effect you had on my life in the one year I lived there. You spent so much time listetning to me when I was in complete emotional distress...twice...but it was some advice you gave me during that second 'session' that changed my life, and I just want you to know just how much I appreciate the time you took with me and how effective you actually were."

"Your patients are lucky to have you and I was fortunate to have found you when I needed you most."

"Just wanted to say thank you for everything you all have done for me so far. You all are very caring and compassionate people. You have made me comfortable with each visit and have made it much easier for me to cope with my pain. I will never forget it!"

"I can never say it enough -- each and every one of you truly make me feel 'taken care of.' I'm sure you guys have work related stress just like anyone, but it never shows. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. You are appreciated." - A.D.

"Finally a doctor who takes time to talk to you to find out what is going on and comes up with a plan to help. And he does it without going under the knife like everyone else wants to do. Thanks Dr. V. I will continue to see you and I love feeling human again. I forgot how it felt to live and sleep pain free. THANK YOU." - D.B.

"The staff and Dr Valente CARE. And they do great work too! I'm so grateful for him/them. A+ Excellent for facet joint blocks and trigger point injections (I get them done under fluoroscopy ✅.)" -D.W.

"been seeing Dr. Valente for many years, I love the time he spends with his patients. He and his staff are all pleasant and concerned about each patient that comes through the door!"- S.P.